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Beer Bucket Promotion

Colombo Courtyard is celebrating International Beer Day this August throughout the month with great deals on beer buckets and beer & pizza combos! Celebrate International Beer Day the way its supposed to be celebrated – with a cold beer and a freshly baked pizza!

It’s a global celebration!


6 Beers at 3500 ++
4 Beers at 2400++

Lion Lager
6 Beers at 3000++
4 Beers at 2100 ++
3 Beers at 1650++

6 Beers at 4500++
4 Beers at 2800++
3 Beers at 2200++

Margarita Pizza + Tiger Beer at 2500++
Seafood Pizza + Corona Beer at 3700++

terms & conditions

Cannot be combined with Happy Hour
Valid at Loft Bar and Cloud Cafe only
Valid throughout the month of August